Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Free Introductory Classes!

On Tuesday, December 2 the Sennin Foundation Center will be offering free introductions to Japanese yoga and meditation as well as Japanese martial arts. The classes will be taught by Kevin Heard Sensei, a Sennin Foundation instructor with over 20 years of experience. These classes are for age 14 and up, and we hope you'll participate. Please let your friends and family know about this special event, too. It's open to the public.

Our free introduction to Japanese yoga and meditation (Shin-shin-toitsu-do) will start at 7 PM, but if you aren't a Sennin Foundation member, you should arrive at 6:45 PM to fill out a registration form. Loose clothing and a notebook is recommended.

Following this class will be an introduction to Japanese martial arts (Saigo Ryu aiki-jujutsu). Since principles covered in the previous class will be referenced in our martial arts training, participation in Japanese yoga is required. However, the introductory martial arts class is optional.

You and your friends will need to reserve a place for this limited attendance event. To do so, just call 510-526-7518. Leave your name, and let us know that you want to participate on December 2. We hope to see you there!

Kurpinski Sensei Receives PhD

Sennin Foundation teacher Kyle Kurpinski Sensei recently received his PhD from the University of California (Berkeley). Kurpinski Sensei specializes in human biology and genetics.
Kurpinski Sensei is a native of Huntington Woods, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a BSE in Chemical Engineering and a MSE in Biomedical Engineering.

He came to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend the University of California. He's published numerous papers in national scientific journals and presented his research at a number of prestigious scientific meetings. He is presently working on tissue engineering solutions for skin and cardiovascular applications in medicine. He's also worked at the National Human Genome Research Institute in Maryland.

Kurpinski Sensei joined the Sennin Foundation Center in September of 2003, where he has studied the Shin-shin-toitsu-do system of Japanese yoga and meditation, along with the Saigo Ryu system of Japanese martial arts. He has obtained a Shihan-dai Associate Instructor certificate in Shin-shin-toitsu-do and a Menkyo Shodan teaching license in Saigo Ryu.

He currently resides in Berkeley, and he regularly teaches Japanese yoga and martial arts to children and adults at the Sennin Foundation Center. Everyone at the Sennin Foundation Cetner congratulates Dr. Kurpsinki on his new degree!