About Our Dojo

The Sennin Foundation Center for Japanese Cultural Arts is a small traditional dojo and its walls are tastefully adorned with H. E. Davey Sensei's Japanese calligraphy. Located in Albany, just across the bay from San Francisco, it is usually open throughout the week.

The Sennin Foundation Center's orientation is relatively noncommercial in approach, and group instruction is personalized, involving small numbers of serious students. Private lessons are also available, and all fees are reasonable, allowing individuals from a variety of income brackets the opportunity to practice. H. E. Davey Sensei, Sennin Foundation Director, and a staff of assistant instructors offer noncompetitive instruction in the Japanese yoga, healing arts, martial arts, and fine arts. Each day at least one member of the teaching staff will kneel on a floor covered with tatami mats and face the dojo's kamidana (literally, "deity shelf"). As these teachers bow to the jinja, or "school shrine," they carry on the authentic and time-honored traditions of Japan's past.

Visits are by appointment only. Please call, write, or send e-mail if you would like to drop by to pick up some free literature and/or talk to an instructor about our various programs. Everyone is welcome to visit.
The Sennin Foundation Center
for Japanese Cultural Arts
1053 San Pablo Ave.
Albany, CA 94706 USA
Telephone: 510-526-7518 (evenings)
E-mail: hedavey@aol.com